Young Greek-Americans Celebrate Shared Heritage in Philadelphia

The future of Greek heritage in Philadelphia looks bright thanks to efforts by the Federation of Hellenic American Societies to engage young people. This was evidenced at the lively “Parea and Poto” gathering organized by the Federation on Thursday evening at Positano Coast Restaurant.

The event successfully connected young Greek Americans to their cultural roots and community. It reflects the Federation’s strategic initiatives to empower youth leadership and build bridges between generations to keep Hellenic traditions thriving.

This youth outreach comes at an auspicious time, with the re-election of Georgia Chletcos as Federation President. Her passionate leadership and deep community ties promise to further the organization’s goals of promoting Greek culture and identity within the region.

In a move that bodes well for the future, the Federation established a “Young Leaders” committee at their recent elections. Headed by Christina Nicolos and Vanessa Constantinidis, this group will be critical in getting more young people enthusiastically involved in Greek community events and causes.

The Federation has a strong track record of bringing people together to celebrate rich Hellenic heritage, as evidenced by its popular annual Greek Independence Day Parade. By continuing to foster youth participation and intergenerational connections, the Federation is ensuring Greek culture in Philadelphia will continue flourishing for generations to come.