Dear friends and members of the Federation,

As of today, 196 years ago, Greeks stood up against the Ottoman Empire and revived Hellenism after almost 400 years of oppression. Despite their non-existent military infrastructure, limited resources and size, our forefathers revolted against the tyrants. With love and respect to the ideal of freedom, they succeeded in liberating Greece and delivering the sacred land to the next generations. Their example keeps inspiring us! Our duty is to commemorate those heroes and pay tribute to the nation they fought for, HELLAS!

On Sunday, April 2nd the entire Greek-American community and Philhellenes of Philadelphia and the Greater Delaware Valley will march on Benjamin Franklin Parkway to celebrate the Greek Independence Day. As I communicated before, we are granted the honor again this year to have with us the Presidential Guard of Greece (the Evzones)!

It’s THE DAY to be Together, United and Proud of our Heritage!

I look forward to seeing you all marching!

Happy Greek Independence Day!


Nikolaos (Nick) Spiliotis