Pan-Macedonian Society, Local Greek-American Owned Businesses Welcome Evzones

Philadelphia, PA – An action-packed welcome awaited the Evzone contingent of 16 soldiers which came to Philadelphia in preparation for that city’s Greek Independence Day parade. It’s the first time in about 20 years, that the Evzones – the Hellenic Presidential Guard – came and visited Philadelphia.

“The Federation of Hellenic Societies of Philadelphia was informed with a month’s notice that we would have the honor of having the Evzones for our parade,” said Dena Verikakis, President of the Pan-Macedonian Society of Philadelphia’s women’s chapter ‘Amalia’. “Our society was asked to pull together a plan to assist in hosting and welcoming the Evzones to our city.” Dena, along with the other board members of the organization quickly pulled together a two-day itinerary meant to provide the visitors a taste of the city, a perspective of the Greek community, and some time for enjoyment.